If Hyperallergic were a teen magazine, Museum of Modern Art design curator Paola Antonelli would totally be our crush of the moment. She would have a full page spread of vacation photos and her favorite design objects, because she’s that awesome. In this video, from Vice’s Creators Project, see Antonelli discuss the “communication” that takes place between people and technology.

As a senior curator in MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design, Antonelli has used exhibitions to look at design in a different way. No longer content with static displays of objects, Antonelli pushes design shows into interactive and virtual realms, investigating historic digital interfaces and computer programming with the same depth that most study modernist furniture. To top it off, Antonelli’s shows are fun. Design and the Elastic Mind, shown at MoMA in 2008, set a new precedent for accessible, entertaining design exhibitions.

“Design is a matter of translating technology into things people can use,” says Antonelli, posing her belief that technology isn’t just an alienating presence in modern life. For the curator, it is design that humanizes the technological object.

Antonelli has added some unorthodox objects to the design collection as well, including such oddities as the @ symbol and a group of significant typefaces. Wikipedia notes that she’s also trying to get a Boeing 747 into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Badass.

Find the video on the Creator’s Project website here.

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