What Is the Most Expensive City to Visit Museums?

According to art critic Leah Sandals’s charticle over at This Magazine, titled “Admission Impossible,” the answer to that question may be Toronto.

Gaze at her chart, which was published a few months ago, and be amazed:

I did some more research about museums around the world and those Torontonian institutions, hell all the Canadian’s ones, look pretty darn pricey in comparison:

  • Tokyo National Museum (Tokyo) — 600 Yen (US$7.26)
  • Bridgestone Museum of Art (Tokyo) — 800 Yen (US$9.71)
  • Sao Paolo Museum of Art (Sao Paolo) — R$15 (US$8.94)
  • National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City) — 45-150 pesos (US$3.74-$15.80)
  • South African National Gallery (Cape Town) — R15 (US$2.07)
  • National Museum (Cairo) — £E20 (US$3.36)
  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul) — 12 TL (US$7.61)
  • Alte Nationalgalerie (Berlin) — 8 Euro (US$10.89)
  • Hong Kong Museum of Art (Hong Kong) — HK$10 (US$1.29)
  • Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) — 300 RUB (US$10.27)

So, why are Canadian museum so pricey? They certainly aren’t better than the others on the list.

Sandals has more discussion about the issue over at her blog, which is always a good read for those interested in the Canadian art scene.

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