"Maurizio Cattelan" (All images courtesy of Zachary Zavislak/MBK)

“Maurizio Cattelan” (all images courtesy Zachary Zavislak/MBK)

What does your favorite artist like to eat for dinner? Or, better yet, what would that dish look like if fixed by the artist himself? It’s unlikely you’ve ever pondered such pressing questions, but they’re creative fodder for Zachary Zavislak. Commissioned by Wallpaper magazine, the photographer styles and shoots the ideal meals of contemporary artists for his series Artist’s Palate. 

Each image cleverly riffs on the artist’s work. One depicts what looks to be a meat pie roasting beneath a bare lightbulb; it’s inspired by William Eggleston’s lionized Radio City album cover. Another has Richard Wentworth’s choice roast beef sandwich sitting on a broken plate that echoes the crockery of his installations. Others are a bit more abstract. Taxidermy-loving Maurizio Cattelan’s favorite meal comprises a live cat emerging from a blue pot, ready to pounce on a bit of carrot and celery. It leaves you wondering just what it is Cattelan likes to eat: CATtelan stew? Even when they’re not the sort of dishes you’d personally enjoy, Zavislak’s creations are still loads of fun.

"William Eggleston"

“William Eggleston”


“Alber Elbaz”


“Mike Nelson”


“Olaf Nicolai”


“Vidal Sassoon”


“Hussein Chalayan”


“Paula Rego”


“Rick Owens”


From the series Artist’s Palate


From the series Artist’s Palate

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