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Andy Warhol is one of those artists that many people love but few completely understand. The enigma of his life and art has provoked countless documentaries that, as the Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones once argued, mostly fail to really get inside the legend’s head.

Soon, if a new Kickstarter campaign is successful, we’ll have another documentary to add to the list. Warhol’s great-niece Abby Warhola, with her partner Jesse Best, hope to show the Pop artist’s softer side in Uncle Andy. The prospective film bears the same title as a children’s book published in 2005 by Warhol’s nephew James Warhola and, like it, will consider the artist from the perspective of family.

“Everyone has their family. That’s the one area where they let their guard down and they are themselves,” Best told Page Six. “[Warhol’s family] saw every level of progression of fame that he experienced. We can share that.”

“This is the first time audiences will know him as we did, as Uncle Andy,” Warhola explains in the Kickstarter video, which features clips from interviews she and Best have been conducting with relatives for the past eight years. Warhol was often visited in the New York apartment he shared with his mother by his two brothers and their seven children.

“We’d always wait for Andy to wake up in the morning, like 11 o’clock or 10:30, we’d go up,” nephew George Warhola recalls in the video. “Then all of a sudden we’d be standing there watching him putting his contacts in and he’d pull out a big bottle of Chanel Number Five and he’d say, ‘Georgie! Come here, let me give you a little splash behind the ears.””

It will be interesting to see whether Warhol was really any less of a mystery to his own family. One elderly female relative who’s interviewed might offer a clue: “It seemed to me … he was from another world,” she says. “He wasn’t part of us. He was from out there.”

Uncle Andy is fundraising on Kickstarter through April 2.

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