To mark the first anniversary of its inauguration, the Long Museum (West Bund) will host the grand opening of Xu Zhen Solo Exhibition on March 28, 2015. Xu Zhen is an iconic, leading figure within the realm of contemporary Chinese art. Surveying art ancient and new, the artist marshals Chinese and Western cultures and fuses the quintessence of both. Through his meticulous treatment and distinctive integration of global knowledge and information, he generates an infinite degree of creativity.

Xu Zhen (born in 1977 in Shanghai, China) works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance. Within the 30,000-odd-square-meter space of the Long Museum, this exhibition will showcase over a hundred works, which include not only his earlier representative, individual works from the late 1990s but also a series of new works produced after Xu Zhen’s MadeIn Company launched the “Xu Zhen” brand in 2013. Highlights include “European Thousand-Hand Classical Sculpture” and the new works “The Soldier of Marathon Announcing Victory,” “A Wounded Galatian and Northern Qi Standing Buddha,” “Amazon,” and “Barbarian” from the Eternity series.

With his characteristic humor, Xu Zhen intervenes in all manners of subject matter concerning global culture. With a taut expressiveness, he ingeniously integrates a Western spirit with Eastern culture — a new culture which transcends traditional schemas is hereby born.

Xu Zhen Solo Exhibition continues at the Long Museum (Pudong, Shanghai, China) through May 24.

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