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Artwork by Joe Roberts (via facebook)

This week, there are two chances to see art in the desert, an evening of spiritualist mediumship, an internet chat room performance, and more.

 Art & Culture Trip with Eames Demetrios

When: Wednesday, March 25 – Sunday, March 29
Where: Various Locations in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree

As grandson of legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames, Eames Demetrios is responsible for upholding the legacy of this influential design duo. For over a decade, he has also been involved with another legacy, that of the fictional Kcymaerxthaere, a parallel universe with a history that rivals Game of Thrones in complexity. Not confined to the page, Demetrios has created physical markers of Kcymaerxthaerean history all over the world, from Texas to Namibia. He will be leading a four day tour of art and cultural sites, both real and imagined, in LA and Joshua Tree including the Noah Purifoy Museum, Watts Towers, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, and numerous Kcymaerxthaerean sites. Email for more details.

Krblin Jihn Kabin, a Kcymaerxthaere site (via

 Joe Roberts: LSD Worldpeace

When: Opens Friday, March 27, 6–10pm
Where: Slow Culture (5906 N. Figueroa Street, Highland Park, Los Angeles)

Joe Roberts draws on pop-cultural imagery from the 1960s to the ’90s, filtering them through his own experiences, and re-presenting them in mixed-media works that recall Mike Kelley or Chris Johanson. Mickey Mouse, Casper, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all make appearances, but here they’re dropping acid or eating pizza, fellow travelers in Roberts’s personal journey. This Friday is the release party for a collection of 10 years of his art from Unpiano books as well as a reception for a weekend exhibition at Slow Culture.

Ann Hirsch, “Photos for Jobe #2” (1998/2013) (via

 Ann Hirsch: Playground

When: Saturday, March 28, 8pm
Where: Joan (4300 West Jefferson Boulevard #1, West Adams, Los Angeles)

Video and performance artist Ann Hirsch explores the intersection of technology and gender in unsettling and often hilarious ways. These include becoming a camgirl, performing a live overdub of a porn film, and being cast on a reality dating show. Playground — an autobiographical performance based on her early teen experiences in AOL chat rooms — follows the relationship between a 12-year-old girl and 27-year-old man as it develops across the digital platform in the late 1990s.

Vanity Projects at Pehrspace (via facebook)

 Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace

When: Begins Saturday, March 28, 9pm–12am
Where: Pehrspace (325 Glendale Boulevard, Echo Park, Los Angeles)

This Saturday, local record label Vanity Projects kicks off a month-long residency at strip mall art storefront Pehrspace. With music and art curated by label head Geoff Geis, residency events include the return of Sean Carnage Mondays, Easter karaoke, zine fest craft night, and more.

Opening night features musical performances from Coup Pigeons, Geoff Geis cassette release, and artwork by Anne-Louise Ewen, ghost ghost teeth, and Nora Quinn.

And how great is the Jesus figure holding up a Domino’s box on the flyer?

Bob Dornberger’s burrito cannon (via facebook)

 Off-Road Expo

When: Saturday, March 28–Sunday, March 29
Where: Somewhere in the desert

The desert has long provided a fertile creative landscape for American artists, from earth art interventions, to Noah Purifoy’s junk art refuge. At a secret location somewhere in the Mojave, High Desert Test Sites and Machine Project team up for Off-Road Expo, a weekend of camping and art. Participating artists include Bob Dornberger, who will be constructing a burrito cannon, John Knuth, Candice Lin, Michael Parker and others. Tickets are on a sliding scale from $10–$100, or you can bring one of the items on the artists’ wishlist.

(via facebook)

 Closing Performances – Psychical Research: Cindy Rehm

When: Sunday, March 29, 5pm
Where: Elephant (3325 Division Street, Glassell Park, Los Angeles)

Psychical Research, Cindy Rehm’s current exhibition at Elephant, features collages and video inspired by Victorian spiritualist seances. The closing reception this Sunday will feature performances that take this interest in mediumship one step further. Rebecca Bruno and Jil Stein will create an installation in which they attempt to embed their bodies in the architecture. Rehm will perform “Phenomena of Materialisation,” based on an early-20th-century text of the same name by medium Eva C. Chelsea Rector’s synth and voice compositions will provide a haunting musical soundtrack for the event.

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