Titian Gets Make-over from PR Team?

The graffiti adjustments of a Minneapolis Institute of Art billboard advertising the upcoming Titian show, before (inset) and after. (via LA Times, Culture Monster)

A Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) billboard for the upcoming Titian and the Golden Age of Venetian Painting exhibition got a little wardrobe change earlier this week. The question is, who did it? A street artist or the MIA’s PR team?

The Venus billboard before the red accents. (image via LA Times, Culture Monster) (click to enlarge)

The museum’s reaction is pretty enlightened, according to City Pages:

The staff at MIA actually thought the graffiti was funny and told Clear Channel to leave it up. But Susan Adams Loyd, president and general manager of Clear Channel Outdoor says it’s against their policy to leave billboards up that have been vandalized.

MIA’s PR person offered this great quote:

“Without those words it did look as though someone’s trying to censor it,” she says. “But with ‘Brrrr!’ it has that whole sort of funny element. Because it is cold!”

Bob Collins at MPR’s NewsCut and Minneapolis-based blogger Paul Schmelzer, aka Eyeteeth, are wondering if the LA Times is wrong when it suggested that a “graffiti artist” was to blame for the little bit of red spray paint and that it may have actually been a PR gimmick. Oy, life in the 21st century mediadrome is soo confusing.

This incident is very different than the incident last summer when Minnesotans had an issue with art and public nudity. Then, Minneapolis residents complained when a local artist painted (with permission) a vagina on a beaver.

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