60 drops of water fall each second in "Light in Water" by DGT architects, on view in Paris at Éléphant Paname in Paris (© takuji shimmura, courtesy DGT architects)

60 drops of water fall each second in “Light in Water” by DGT architects, on view in Paris at Éléphant Paname in Paris (© Takuji Shimmura, courtesy DGT architects)

Inspired by the Harper’s Index, Sum of the Arts is a periodic tabulation of numbers floating around the art world and beyond.

Tons of white LEGOs that will be used by High Line visitors to build the imaginary cityscape of Olafur Eliasson’s “The Collectivity Project” = 2

Pairs of laced shoes Vincent van Gogh painted over a flower still life, on view at Harvard Art Museums = 3

Ships adorned in the wild, geometric “dazzle” camouflage patterns of World War I for its centenary in England = 3

Odds given by London bookies that Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” would be stolen before it went to auction at Sotheby’s in 2012 = 20:1

Drops of water falling per second in DGT architects’ “Light in Water,” installed in the oldest concrete dome in Paris = 60

Age of Manoel de Oliveira, the oldest active filmmaker who passed away this week at his home in Portugal = 106

Statues of the Buddhist deity of mercy in Kyoto, Japan, nearing the completion of a restoration project started in the 1930s = 1,000 (and each considered a thousand-armed being)

Burials in a lost medieval cemetery revealed beneath Cambridge University, some of which did not fit in their graves as they were likely pre-dug = 1,300

Landscape architects living in California, the most of any state = 3,014 (compared to North Dakota with just 12)

People who saw a Ming Dynasty painting and calligraphy show at the National Palace Museum in Taipei in 2014, making it the most popular exhibition of the year = 1,131,788

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