Sum of the Arts

Message in a bottle discovered after 101 years in the Baltic Sea, now on view through May 1 at the International Maritime Museum Hamburg (courtesy International Maritime Museum Hamburg)
Message in a bottle discovered after 101 years in the Baltic Sea (courtesy International Maritime Museum Hamburg)

Inspired by the Harper’s Index, Sum of the Arts is a periodic tabulation of numbers floating around the art world and beyond.

Paintings in the Louvre that have received their own fan mail and require a personal mailbox = 1 (the “Mona Lisa”)

Cézanne sketches found on the back of his watercolors going on view this Friday at Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation = 2

Pieces of a broken and burned Michelangelo sculpture reassembled in Florence over two decades = 14

Unpublished Frida Kahlo love letters to José Bartoli on display and going to auction next Wednesday at Doyle’s in New York = 25 (some over 100 pages long)

Years a message in a bottle was floating in the Baltic Sea until its discovery by a fisherman = 101

3D scans of animal skulls added to the Google Art Project by the California Academy of Sciences = over 200

Clay figures sculpted by artist Liz Crow from Thames river mud as an endurance performance on British austerity measures = 650

Graffiti inscriptions by WWI soldiers discovered in tunnels 100 feet below the ground north of Paris = 2,000

Estimated living weight of the 80% intact stegosaurus skeleton recently added to the Natural History Museum in London = 3,527 pounds

Plastic translucent balls that will fill the National Building Museum in Washington, DC as part of Snarkitecture’s “The Beach” installation this summer = 1,000,000

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