Chain Reaction, the Brooklyn College 2015 MFA thesis exhibition, opens at Signal Gallery on Friday, May 8 (6–9pm).

A “chain reaction” is a series of reactions in which one product of a reacting set is a reactant in the following set. Self-amplified, each event contributes to the succeeding event.

Very naturally, after spending two academic years working side by side, critiquing and inspiring each other, a subliminal dialogue takes place between artists working in the same program. This exhibition is the culmination of those two rigorous years of exploration in various media — painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, installation, and performance. Through the development of their own distinct studio practices, these artists explore the complex themes of utility, labor, memory, fantasy and entropy.

The show is curated by Naomi Lev and David Willis. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue which includes writings from the curators, Jennifer McCoy, and the participating artists.

MFA Participants: Jeremy Wiles-Young, Kat Ryals, Diana Restrepo, Joelle Provost, Melani Pavlidou, Paul Neenan, James Pablo Mulvaney, Kat Monaghan, Seung Jong Lee, Raphael Griswold, and Georgi Georgiev.

Chain Reaction continues at Signal Gallery (260 Johnson Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn) through May 17, 2015. Exhibition hours are Mon–Fri, 2–6pm, and Sat–Sun, 1–6pm.

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