3 replies on “What Else Could $180 Million Buy?”

  1. Not knowing what to do with Obama’s inauguration, I’d chose the US Embassy in Morocco and decorate it with limited editions meant to appease the minds of art hoarders (err… collectors).
    Most of us are guilty of the same sins, but at various levels.
    Instead of amassing muscle cars, I’d buy some rights to distribute the Shark Tank TV show, to mingle with the likes of Mark Cuban and learn how the business world works.

  2. Considering that anyone with $180 million to spare probably makes at least some of their fortune from slave labor:

    You could pay your slaves $6 an hour for 30 million work hours (whether they’re sewing the clothes your company sells or building your condos in Dubai, whatever)

  3. Well, the only two options that are not going to happen are demolition of the abandoned houses in Baltimore and laptop all students and teachers in Idaho. Which only goes to show that there is too much money in all the wrong places. Another option would be to employ 4% of unemployed artists in the US.

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