Lost Lectures Countdown: Diana Al-Hadid Joins the Lineup, Special Moleskine Giveaway

Diana Al-Hadid
Artist Diana Al-Hadid will join Lost Number Two on Friday, June 5. (photo by Sarah Trigg)

Lost Number Two is less than two weeks away, and we’d like to share a couple of incredible announcements. (Get tickets here.)

Diana Al-Hadid will be joining our speaker lineup!

Contemporary artist Diana Al-Hadid has continued to invent and reinvent visually distinct and compelling work that has received overwhelming international acclaim. With over 19 solo shows in the past nine years and an endless list of awards and inclusions in public collections, she continues to push limits in her transformation of materials.

Born in Syria and currently based in Brooklyn, Al-Hadid is recognized for creating monumental sculptures and panels that cross cultural and artistic boundaries. We’ll have the opportunity to hear her discuss and explore ideas of gravity, space, and caves, which align perfectly with the amazing venue location we will reveal next week.


Al-Hadid joins legendary band Blonde Redhead (Kazu Makino), gonzo journalist Jon Ronson, rising indie filmmaker Josephine Decker, and street-artist-turned-activist Andrew Kalleen.

There will be free beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery, delicious cider from Rekorderligan endless supply of refreshing ZICO Coconut Water, and delicious treats from Zia Green Chile Company.

Get your tickets here!

A Special Graphic Reporter + Free Moleskine Notebooks

Lori Richmond
(courtesy Lori Richmond 2015)

We’ve also partnered with our friends at Moleskine, who will be bringing illustrator Lori Richmond as part of their “Covered by Moleskine” projects. She’ll be live visual note-taking during the talks and performances.

As a special bonus, Moleskine will be providing free limited-edition Hyperallergic x Lost Lectures custom notebooks to the first 100 attendees in the door on June 5!

secret-500While the location of the venue will remain a secret until a few days before the event, we’ll be leading up to the big reveal with some visual clues next week. Please be reassured that it will not be a massive trek — no more than 40 minutes by public transportation from Union Square. Stay tuned and see you soon!

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