One of the missing King Tut treasures is this “Gilded Wooden Figure of Tutankhamun on a Skiff, Throwing a Harpoon” (via

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities has released the final list of historic objects that have gone missing from the Egyptian Museum since the January 25th revolution began.

Among the 54 missing objects is three gilded statues from the famed King Tut stash and two very fetching “bronze false beards,” which may make finding the thieves themselves all that more difficult.

Other Museum News

LOST BUT (THANKFULLY) FOUND: The San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid has found a painting by 17th century Flemish master Anthony van Dyck in its basement. The canvas, long thought to be a copy, is a “Virgin and Child” scene but also includes the figures of Mary Magdalene, King David and the Prodigal Son. [Telegraph]

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