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Where’s Waldo in Matisse’s “The Dance” (image via

Tumblelog “Vintage Waldo” collects classic works of art from throughout art history and makes them even better — by adding a tiny figure wearing red and white stripes. These artsy Where’s Waldo games are part eye spy and part art history class slide ID test. Can you find and name them all?

Waldo makes his way through Matisse’s “The Dance” (seen above), Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” and even Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son,” in a relatively grotesque example. Waldo seems to be enjoying it though. Ruscha’s “OOF” is also great.

Tumblr’s also a great place to get a daily dose of art and art history. Here are a few other tumblelogs to check out:

  • Contemporary Art Daily is pretty much what you’d expect, an excellent daily stream of contemporary art works and artists. Carefully selected and always interesting, this is one to watch.
  • ART iT is the tumblr of the bilingual Japanese art magazine of the same name. Subscribe for art and artists, plus news on the Japanese art scene.
  • Fuck Yeah Art History is the best of art history, pretty much. Also tagged by century, you can explore the tumblr by era as well as in a stream.
  • Art Nerd New York hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s a great look at artifacts from New York City’s own art history, from movies to paintings to photos.
  • The Street Art Tumblr has a lot of street art photos from all over the world and updates quite a bit. If you’re into street art, this is the place. (Why doesn’t Wooster Collective have a tumblr!?)
  • Hyde or Die is an LA-based perspective on the contemporary art world, with gallery trips, individual pieces and scene reports. Great writing as well as good photos.
  • Hyperallergic LABS tumblelog, from our own site, is also a great place to see art on Tumblr, gathering together images and work under different themes each week.

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