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A Graphic Reporter’s Hand-drawn Highlights from Lost Lectures NY Two

Lori Richmond’s rendering of The Lost Lectures NY Two, with Jon Ronson, Josephine Decker, Steve Duncan, Andrew Kalleen & friends, Tao Lin, Diana Al-Hadid, and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead

The steering constant of The Lost Lectures NY series is to bring together creative communities spanning the worlds of art, music, literature, film, and more. We were lucky enough to have graphic reporter Lori Richmond attend our Friday night event to document and string together these themes.

Live on the scene!
Live on the scene!

Lori’s playful illustrations materialize moments and thoughts in a balanced fluidity of sketches and infographics. She is a freelance art director and children’s book author by day, and now a revealer of Lost Lectures NY by night.

Lori is one of the many artists involved with the recently launched Covered by Moleskine projects, which invite artists to document and translate events into visuals. Moleskine uses these projects as a platform to showcase talented artists at events that highlight idea exchange and collaboration. Thanks Moleskine for supporting artist communities and being a part of Lost Lectures NY Two!

See Lori’s take on the talks and performances below.








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