Michael Paris Mazzeo “Knot Knowing”, 8hr performance inside CCNY’s Great Hall, 2015

“What is the value of an MFA?” is one of the questions asked by many applicants to the new Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) MFA Program at the City College of New York, CUNY.

Is it what you gain from it? Is it what you put in? Is it what you pay for it? Is it your career? Is it to be part of a conversation? What determines value and what is an MFA? The question is very broad, and so CCNY’s answer is a return question: What do you want to get from it, or why are you interested in getting an MFA?

Applicants to the DIAP Program come from many different disciplines such as visual arts, design, theatre, dance, science, and architecture. Students work in a 24-hour-access, 4,000-square-foot studio with a digital fabrication lab, a black box, and a semi-white cube fostering on-going conversation, immediate production, performances, large sculptures, projections, or installations. 

Current students explore aspects of digital media art such as code and interactivity, time-based art, representation, performance, and digital activism. DIAP promotes engagement with other disciplines to stimulate scholarly research of artists interested in cross-disciplinary practice.

DIAP students and alumni have exhibited at ICA Philadelphia, Museo del Barrio, Bienal de São Paulo, Sharjah Biennial, have written for Art 21, and participated in group exhibitions here and abroad. DIAP’s full-time and part-time faculty is an accomplished group of artists and writers and is supplemented by a growing list of speakers and visiting artists.

Applications to the DIAP MFA Program or the MFA in Studio Art for fall 2016 will be accepted starting September 2015.

For more information, visit edm.arts.ccny.cuny.edu/grad_web or email diap@ccny.cuny.edu.

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