Andrea Gallo’s Bauhaus poster

Designer Andrea Gallo has created a series of six posters that boil iconic works of architecture down to their minimalist details. The stark, black and white posters cut out silhouettes of the buildings and zoom in, with an eye towards the key elements of famous buildings.

In his Six Architects series, Gallo has tackled Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim museum, showing the curved slices that make up the museum’s facade, Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut cathedral, singling out the structure’s asymmetrical windows, and Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus school in Dessau, with its famous lettering and gridded workshop windows. Works by Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn and Alver Aalto are also featured.

In some ways, this project reminds me of Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Architecture series, which saw the artist photographing iconic buildings fuzzed and out of focus. Much like Gallo, Sugimoto’s strategy was to break down the architecture into its basic elements. He emphasized silhouette, proportions and volumes over architectural detail just as Gallo turns buildings into high-contract cut outs.

Like architecture trading cards, these posters include the name of the building’s architect and their date of birth and death. The images are also completely addictive. Gallo says that the designs will be available as prints soon, but in the meantime check the designs out on his Flickr page or find a few below.

See all of Andrea Gallo’s Six Architects posters on the artist’s Flickr page.

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