Left, “The Andy Monument” (via Gothamist/Public Art Fund), top right, an early digital sketch of the Storr/Warhol statue (via publicartfund.org/robpruitt), bottom right, Robert Storr giving a come hither look (via portlandart.net)

In a shocking revelation, appropriation artist Rob Pruitt admitted at a cocktail party last night that his “The Andy Monument” (2011), which was unveiled this week in New York’s Union Square, is actually a statue of Robert Storr, Dean of the Yale University School of Art. This news bomb has spectators around the world scratching their heads, wondering both who the hell Robert Storr is, and why Pruitt would prank the good people of New York in such an elaborate — and shiny — way.

One anonymous source close to Pruitt said that the artist has long had a burning desire to be embraced by the married Yalie prof, and explains that the artist often stays up all night flipping through Storr’s books, reading up on his elegant theories about art and culture. “[Pruitt] has thought about moving to New Haven, Connecticut to be closer to Storr, but is afraid of rejection,” the source told Hyperallergic via Twitter direct message.

This revelation would explain why Pruitt’s chrome-surfaced statue doesn’t really look much like famed Pop artist Andy Warhol and perhaps show why this very “personal” project probably shouldn’t have left Pruitt’s studio.

Critical response to the statue has been mixed. When informed about the work’s true subject, New York Times art critic Roberta Smith exclaimed, “Storr totally stole that hot nerdy style he rocks from me!” and expressed dismay that Pruitt didn’t share the same feelings for her. New York Magazine scribe and Smith sidekick Jerry Saltz looked on in jealousy, wondering where he could find some silver paint to attract his wife’s analytical gaze.

We spoke to New Yorkers passing by the Storr statue about their responses to this piece of public art. “Looks more like an Urban Outfitters marketing stunt,” one stylishly dressed young woman opined, “Jeff Koons played out the stainless steel look in, like, 2005. And what’s up with that font? Totally not Helvetica.”

“If he really wanted to get with that dude he should have made the sculpture out of marble,” remarked Sam Davidson, a Union Square regular. “I guess erecting a statue just to get someone’s attention is kind of desperate already, though.”

Might the needy look on “Andy’s” face simply mirror Pruitt’s own desire for acceptance and critical action?

“I totally thought [Pruitt’s] statue was one of those street performers standing really still,” one passerby remarked. “I saw one woman doing it just the other day. I think her name was Marina Abramović.”


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  1. What a piece of crap! Andy, who was truly a great artist, must be rolling over in his grave. Pruitt should hide in shame.

  2. It’s a really impressive, beautiful and appropriate statue. Not sure where the negativity comes from here. All in attendance seem to really dig it, as do passers-by, both tourists and locals. Great job, Rob Pruitt.

  3. Tch: the thing is: who’d really be surprised? I certainly doesn’t look like Andy Warhol.

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