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Barbara McCullough, "Water Ritual #1" production still (1979) (via
Barbara McCullough, “Water Ritual #1” production still (1979) (via

LOS ANGELES — This week, Frances Stark discusses Sturtevant, Self Help Graphics holds its annual print fair, Libros Schmibros Book Club re-examines a seminal book on African-American culture in Los Angeles, and more.

 LA Rebellion

When: Thursday, July 23, 7pm
Where: 356 Mission (356 S. Mission Road, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles)

In the late 1960s, a number of African-American filmmakers in Los Angeles began making movies that provided an alternative to the predominantly white Hollywood cinema of the time. Influenced by Italian neorealism and the emerging cinemas of Africa and Latin America, they became know as the LA Rebellion film movement. As part of their Summer Screening Series, 356 Mission presents an LA Rebellion Screening and Discussion featuring films by Ben Caldwell, Jacqueline Frazier, Barbara McCullough, and Haile Gerima, followed by a discussion with some of the filmmakers.

 The Art of the Stage 

When: Opens Thursday, July 23, 6–9pm
Where: Martos Gallery (3315 W. Washington Blvd., Mid-City, Los Angeles)

In some circles, theatricality has no place in the visual arts. Presenting a diametrically opposed viewpoint is Blocking, a new group show at storefront gallery Martos that imagines “the stage as a physical and conceptual device for the continued circulation of objects, material and data.” Curated by artist Jesse Stecklow, the show features Hans-Christian Lotz, Vivian Suter, Henry Deposit, Brian Khek, Mathis Collins, and Lin May Saeed.

Blocking at Martos Gallery (via
Blocking at Martos Gallery (via

 Artists on Artists: Frances Stark on Sturtevant

When: Thursday, July 23, 7pm
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Grand (250 S. Grand Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles)

You’d be hard pressed to find two artists more dedicated to their own distinctive visions than the late Sturtevant and the very much alive Frances Stark. Although no one would confuse their works, they both provocatively explore technology, gender, and power with humor and caustic wit. As part of MOCA’s Artists on Artists series, Stark will discuss Sturtevant’s work in conjunction with their Sturtevant retrospective and in advance of the Hammer’s mid-career survey of Stark’s work.

Frances Stark, photo by Bobby Jesus (via
Frances Stark (photo by Bobby Jesus, via

 Self Help Graphics Annual Print Fair

When: Saturday, July 25, 12–5pm
Where: Boyle Heights City Hall, Community Room (2130 East 1st Street, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles)

For over 40 years, nonprofit arts center Self Help Graphics has been a major resource for the education and exhibition of predominantly Latino artists in Los Angeles. This Saturday, the arts center is holding its Annual Print Fair and Exhibition, where you can acquire serigraphs, monoprints, intaglio, and more by dozens of artists who participated in the Professional Printmaking Program over the past year. In addition, Self Help Graphics will be offerings it 2015 Printmaking Survey of the Los Angeles River, a portfolio featuring seven works ranging from linocuts to digital prints.

Self Help Graphics Annual Print Fair & Exhibition (via facebook)
Self Help Graphics Annual Print Fair & Exhibition (via Facebook)

 Willem Henri Lucas: Error

When: Opens Saturday, July 25, 6–8pm
Where: The Property (440 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Downtown, Los Angeles)

The works in book designer and artist Willem Henri Lucas’s exhibition Error begin as video captures of plane crashes, sinking ships, and other disasters. He then manipulates the images, outputs them on low-quality printers, and scans them back into the computer, before sending low-res PDF’s to an online weaving company. The finished works — end products of a digital game of telephone — highlight the possibilities as well as the limitations of current technological image reproduction.

Willem Henri Lucas: Error, at The Property (via
Willem Henri Lucas: Error, at The Property (via

 Libros Schmibros Book Club

Lynell George's "No Crystal Stair: African-Americans in the City of Angels" (via
Lynell George’s “No Crystal Stair: African-Americans in the City of Angels” (via

When: Sunday, July 26, 1–2:30pm
Where: Hammer Museum (10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Westwood, Los Angeles)

Lynell George’s 1992 book No Crystal Stair: African-Americans in the City of Angels counters the one-dimensional portrayal of African-American Angelenos presented by the media in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots. Instead, she captures the complex tapestry of black life in Southern LA. Her book takes on new significance now as Leimert Park — a historic center of black culture in LA — is revitalized through new art spaces like Art + Practice and Papillion. Inspired by these developments, as well as Mark Bradford’s current show at the Hammer, this weekend’s installment of the Libros Schmibros Book Club will refocus on George’s book more than 20 years after its publication.

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