There are so many ways for presidential candidates to spar: in debates, in conversation with the press — and now, on social media! Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s and Jeb Bush’s interns Twitter accounts began duking it out in a highly entertaining battle of images.

It all began when Hillary tried to convince us that she could magically fix the student debt crisis in this country:

(screenshot via @HillaryClinton/Twitter)

(screenshot via @HillaryClinton/Twitter)

Not to be outdone, two and half hours later Jeb fired back with a graphic that softened Hillary’s blue, turned her gentle magenta into a raging red, and followed a dubious line of logic:

(screenshot via @JebBush/Twitter)

That really pissed off someone on Hillary’s team, who took a proverbial marker to the image and went teacher on it. The result is a pretty unexciting image, but the sentence accompanying it — including those periods at the beginning and the end — reads like a perfectly lobbed bomb of social media shade (that probably accounted for the extreme increase in the numbers of retweets and favorites).

(screenshot via @HillaryClinton/Twitter)

But Jeb’s team wasn’t having it! And so they flipped Hillary’s logo on its side and wrote in “TAXES” dozens of time, filtering the obsessive madness of The Shining through the glorious possibilities of Microsoft Paint:

(screenshot via @JebBush/Twitter)

Ironically, with this hack design job, Jeb has sort of solved the problem of Hillary’s logo, which is that it features a red arrow pointing right: the arrow now points upwards, suggesting that the Republicans will in fact be the ones to raise taxes. Maybe Hillary’s recognition of this fueled her decision not to respond. Or maybe she just went to bed early.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of presidential candidate wars — when we reveal that not only are Carly Fiorina and Bernie Sanders on Ello, but they’ve been using it to fight about abortion using only Fast and Furious GIFs for over a year!

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