Launching October 2–10, Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is the West Coast’s first region-wide event celebrating Asian art, with a week of public programs, exhibitions, and events hosted at participating galleries, auction houses, museums, and nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area. Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is committed to its mission of establishing a broad platform to showcase Asian art and promote appreciation for cultural diversity. The inaugural event will include the following seventeen participants:

  • ArtSpan
  • Asia Society Northern California
  • Asian Art Museum
  • Bonhams
  • Christie’s
  • Fine Arts Gallery at SF State
  • Indian Classical Music and Arts Foundation
  • Institute of East Asian Studies
  • International Art Gallery
  • Michaan’s Auctions
  • NanHai Art
  • Peninsula Art Institute
  • Peninsula Museum of Art
  • SFO Museum
  • The Mongolia Foundation
  • UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
  • Warren’s Antiques

Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area intends to promote Asian art, from antiquity to the contemporary, and explore its impact in the Bay Area. The event also seeks to build a broad alliance between dealers, artists, scholars, collectors, and enthusiasts of Asian art, while creating opportunities for visitors and the local public to discover new artworks and explore the culture of Asia.

A natural fit for the exceptionally diverse Bay Area region — home to over 7 million people, boasting nearly a quarter that identify as Asian or of Asian descent (1,664,384 according to the 2010 census) — Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area seeks to promote the rich arts heritage found across Asia, from antiquity to the contemporary, and explore its impact in the Bay Area.

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