2015 MFA Thesis Exhibitions, Anderson Gallery & The Depot (photos by Terry Brown)

The graduate programs at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts are recognized by peer institutions for their excellence, earning VCUarts the reputation as one of the top art and design schools in the US. VCUarts attracts students of the highest caliber from across the country and around the world.

The school’s special brand of creative immersion promises a lifelong passion for and engagement with the arts. This experience begins in Richmond, Virginia, a vibrant urban environment that is the ideal setting for intellectual exploration and community engagement. Situated at the heart of a true research university, VCUarts is a dynamic place where students are encouraged to participate in the countless opportunities outside of the program’s traditional courses in visual arts and design, performing arts, art history, and education.

VCUarts provides a supportive environment for a wide range of diverse students to discover and hone their creativity. Renowned VCUarts faculty members stress the importance of both doing and knowing in the classroom, in the studio, and on stage. At VCUarts, the emphasis is on developing the individual and providing the most practical and flexible skills needed to find a job, to engage in entrepreneurship, to build a career, and to make a life in the arts.

Find out more at arts.vcu.edu/programs/graduate.

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