Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) announces the launch of a Master of Design: Design Innovation (MDes) program. The MDes program integrates expertise in design practice with business discipline in a broad-based curriculum that uses market challenges and social initiatives as the context for learning.

The interdisciplinary curriculum, co-taught by design and business professors, is designed to teach students how to effectively define and solve a problem, and to impart critical leadership skills for mobilizing and motivating teams toward successful outcomes.

Graduates of the MDes program will be poised to lead in organizational and social transformation, as design strategists and innovation leaders in corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Learn more! Attend the MassArt Graduate Programs Open House on Saturday, October 17 to speak with MDes faculty and admissions counselors. Representatives from MassArt Graduate Admissions will also be present at Graduate National Portfolio Days this fall.

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