“Climate Change” performance by W Christiawan of Indonesia at Grace Exhibition Space during the 2013 Brooklyn Int’l Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) (all images courtesy Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL is a 12-day public conference of live performances, talks, discussions, interactivities, workshops, and other projects centering around and presented as performance. The event is taking place October 5–25 at two leading Brooklyn performance art venues, Grace Exhibition Space and Panoply Performance Laboratory.

One of the tableaux vivants by La Pocha Nostra for their “Corpo Insurrecto: Psycho-Magic Actions for A World Gone Wrong” (2013) performance at the 2013 Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. (photo by Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

One of the tableaux vivants at La Pocha Nostra’s “Corpo Insurrecto” performance at the 2013 BIPAF.

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL is for and by performance artists and lovers of performance art, a “con” like comic-con, during which we dig deep into collective self-reflection and tools of the trade, theorizing and experiencing together at Grace Exhibition Space and PPL Space. We follow Joseph Beuys: “everyone is an artist,” and Donna Haraway’s “think we must,” communally generating a largescale performative environment of public intellectualism. Together, we envision, experience, conceptualize, and practice intentional human being and becoming as personal and political direct action.

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Projects like Alice Vogler’s Sharing Food with Strangers and Friends (Oct. 9), Valerie Kuehne’s Trauma Salon (Oct. 22), and Hoesy Corona’s The Multiplicity and Flexibility of the Self State (Oct. 24) function as communal performances and critical sessions, dealing with performance art’s framing, language, methods, and practice.

Artist projects by Daniel Larkin (Oct. 10), Soufïa Bensaïd (Oct 15), DIVERSITY FELLOWS (Oct. 17), Nathaniel Sullivan (Oct. 18) and performance art works by Hiroshi Shafer (Oct. 8), Bobby English Jr. (with Bobby English Sr.) (Oct. 16), Lorene Bouboushian (Oct. 11), Chun Hua Catherine Dong (Oct. 23), Florence Nasar (Oct. 25) and many others.

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL performs discussion, auto-ethnography, debate, and diversion, constantly in flux, action, and presence, as driven by the artistic, theoretical, and ideological intentions of performance artists.

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL also marks five years of the platform PERFORMANCY FORUM, a project supporting and debating performance practices since 2009, organized by Panoply Performance Laboratory’s Esther Neff and the anonymous, flexible entity known as “Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF)”.

Event Details

PERFORMANCY FORUM QUINQUENNIAL: A Performance Conference (October 8–October 25, 2015)


Open to the Public — 
Suggested donation $10–30/day or $100/whole conference to pay/reimburse artists, but no one is turned away.

October 8–11 at Grace Exhibition Space

Thursday, October 8: Opening Night Party
Friday, October 9: Feeling Things with Others/Liberating the Self*
Saturday, October 10: Feeling/Thinking Things with Others *featuring Hyperallergic contributor Daniel Larkin as Mona Chromatic on the Role of the Art Critic”
Sunday, October 11: Escaping from Hellwor(l)ds 
*please RSVP to Alice Vogler and Jessica Gath to be counted for dinner:*

October 15–18 at Panoply Performance Laboratory

Thursday, October 15: In Complexity of …
Friday, October 16: Symbols of Freedom + Glorious Madness
Saturday, October 17: Intentionality, Loneliness, and Community
Sunday, October 18: Resisting Capitalism + Agendas in Action

October 22–25 at Grace Exhibition Space

Thursday, October 22: A Trauma Salon: To Keep Going
Friday, October 23: To Corrupt Flesh
Saturday, October 24: In Multiplicity + Flexibility
Sunday, 25: Pursuing Ideation

Please visit the PF:QUINQ website for complete schedule.

Beverages lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

Presenting/Performing/Mobilizing/Curating/Project-facilitating Participants:
Adriana Disman, Alex Romania, Alice Vogler and Jessica Gath, Angela Freiberger, Angeli + Michael Sloan Warren, Anja Morell, Anya Liftig, Baxton Alexander, Ben Bennett, Bobby English Jr, Britta Wheeler, Butch Merigoni, Chloë Bass, Christen Clifford, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Daniel Larkin, David Ian Griess, Dolly Dharma, Édgar Javier Ulloa Luján & Laura Blüer, Emily Oliviera, Emma-Kate Guimond, Esther Neff, Fauziya Sani, Florence Nasar, Grace Exhibition Space (Jill McDermid and Erik Hokanson), Hector Canonge, Hiroshi Shafer, Hoesy Corona, Honey McMoney, Hrag Vartanian (Hyperallergic), Ian DeLeon + AGROFEMME (+ curation: Màirèad Delaney, Heidi Wiren Bartlett & Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Madge of Honor), Ivy Castellanos, Jenna Kline, Jon Konkol, Julia Croft/Future Husband, Kaia Gilje, Kerry Cox, Kikuko Tanaka, Leili Huzaibah (curation: Chaw Ei Thein, Shizu Homma, Helen Hawley, Nooshin Rostami), Lital Dotan and Eyal Perry (Glasshouse Life Art Lab), LJ Leach, Lorene Bouboushian, Marcelline Mandeng, Matthew Gantt, Meli Sanfiorenzo, Michael Newton, Naked Roots Conducive, Nathaniel Sullivan, Nicole Brydson, Panoply Lab, Quinn Dukes, Rae Goodwin, Raki Malhotra, Rebecca Beauchamp, DIVERSITY FELLOWS, Robert Lisek, Shawn Escarciga, Social Health Performance Club, Soufïa Bensaïd, Sura Hertzberg, Tatyana Tennenbaum/Marisa V. Clementi/Laurel Snyder/Li Cata/Ashley Handel+TBA, Thomas Albrecht, Tsedaye Makonnen, Valerie Kuehne/The Super Coda, Zhenesse Heinemann, +++ panelists, first responders, participants, and witnesses.

Check here and visit social media for any adjustments to information.

Organized/Conceptually Constructed by Panoply Lab and Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF)

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