Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Thank you for joining us for Videodrome #1. Here is a complete list of today’s programming:

07:30Broadcast Begins

08:00Nam June Paik’s “Electronic Space Opera #1”

09:30Death Cab for Cutie’s “Home Is A Fire” by Shepard Fairey

11:00Takeshi Murata’s Glitched-out “Monster Movie”

12:30Curb Dance With Harmony KorineMario

14:00Quayola Fractures a Roman Cathedral

15:30When Ads Could Be Avant-garde

17:00Cory Arcangel’s Surrealist Super Mario

18:30Soviet Celluloid Treasures on YouTube

20:00An Idiot’s Guide to the Steins

21:30General Idea Tells You to Shut the Fuck Up

And to end, the best test test pattern ever, from Al-Jazeera.

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