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Jeb Bush to Hold “Pop Art” Fundraiser at “Trendy” Art Basel Miami Beach

An announcement for Jeb Bush's "Pop Art" fundraiser (screen shot by the author)
An announcement for Jeb Bush’s “Pop Art” fundraiser (screenshot by the author)

“Trendy” Republican art fans, mark your calendars: according to a 112-page internal document recently leaked from the Jeb Bush campaign, the Florida governor and Presidential hopeful is planning a pop art–themed fundraising event at Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB).

Per US News and World Report, which obtained the document, the campaign’s “fourth-quarter fundraising rollout [is] scheduled for Dec. 5 at the trendy Art Basel in Miami. The event is called, ‘Pop Art, Politics & Jeb.’”

The announcement is illustrated with an awkward “pop” portrait of Jeb himself, a bit like a high schooler’s take on Shepard Fairey’s famed Obama poster. It remains to be seen what exactly the “Pop Art, Politics & Jeb” event will entail — debuts of paintings by Jeb’s Renaissance man painter brother? — or why this conservative dynasty son thinks referencing a mid-century art movement known for its dissenting worldview and wry commentary on American mass culture will boost his standing. Maybe he’s taking a cue from Trump and banking on Jeb! hats becoming an ironic accessory among the ABMB set.

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