From Daniel Tucker, Graduate Program Director, Social & Studio Practices, at Moore College of Art & Design:

“Art today is boundless — the skills of image-making, the crafting of material into new forms, the framing of ideas and focal points, the research that exceeds the limits of disciplines, the gestures that make experiences and objects beautiful, the poetics that capture and then release such complexities — and it is exhilarating.

In many ways running a graduate department at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia is like an art project — assembling people, framing ideas, transforming raw material. In terms of people, we have some of the most thoughtful and talented people in the city and nation on our faculty, we’ve created partnerships with public art organizations in Philly and artist residencies beyond the city limits, and found ways to bring additional thinkers, organizers, and artists together with our candidates through symposia and visiting critics. But one crucial element of this project remains in flux — keeping us agile and dynamic — and that is you, our potential candidates.

What can art do; what audiences should I address; what are the limits of art; can art save lives; what is contemporary; what is universal; what is useful; what is pleasurable; what is ethical? At Moore we will do a great deal of learning and asking together — I look forward to it and to working with you and your questions.”

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