Street Artist Gets Jilted by LA MoCA, Bombs Bathroom

Becca Midwood's LA MoCA bathroom mural (image via

Becca Midwood, a street artist who has been working in downtown LA since the mid-1990s, got pulled from LA Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art in the Streets exhibition due to a “last minute curatorial choice.” Becca gets her work in the museum anyway, though, with a wheatpaste in the museum’s bathroom. Check out this video of the guerrilla operation.

Bathroom attack! Becca works her way to LA MoCA’s ladies restroom, which currently features a tag by graffiti artist Andre. She gets set in a stall, pulls out her pre-prepared wheatpaste and gets to work sticking the image on the door. A final signature completes the piece. See more photos of the work on Flickr.

The LA MoCA Art in the Streets show has been the target of many a guerrilla action from artists who feel they haven’t been fairly represented, or want some of the glitz and attention that’s gone with the major exhibition. Still others are just doing it for fun. French artist Space Invader (who was included in the show) got hassled by the police for putting up some of his pieces around LA and Katsu went so far as to tag the outside of the museum.

Becca’s intervention kind of takes the cake for an intimate street art experience, though.

Art in the Streets runs at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art through August 8.

Via LA Downtown News.

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