Hannah Rothstein, "Damien Hirst" (2015) (all photos courtesy the artist, via hrothstein.com)

Hannah Rothstein, “Damien Hirst” (2015) (all photos courtesy the artist, via hrothstein.com)

This Thanksgiving, up your plating game and with some artist-inspired dishes courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein. Last year she served us Thanksgiving meals styled in the vein of artists from Magritte to Mondrian, and now that the sides and starch and tryptophanfilled holiday is upon us once again, she’s serving seconds of her series.

This latest batch also focuses on artists well-established in the art history canon, recreating their works with the foodstuffs one would expect to grace the typical Thanksgiving plate. Corn, outlined by gravy, forms one of Keith Haring’s figures, invigorated by sliced segments of green beans; mashed potatoes and corn form parts of the petals of an open Georgia O’Keefe flower, with a pool of gravy representing its ovule. Another shows the woman from Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (1907–08) as a poult made of pulverized spuds, shrouded in gilded corn and haricots verts. Rothstein also constructed some of these new images digitally, such as one rendering of a roasted turkey floating in formaldehyde — an homage to everyone’s favorite spot painter — and a distorted plate of vegetables to echo the melting visuals in Salvador Dalí’s paintings.

As she did last year, Rothstein will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of her limited-edition prints to the SF Marin Food Bank, which will help families who don’t have the means to pay for their own Thanksgiving meals. Visit her website to view the rest of the series.

Hannah Rothstein, "Gustav Klimt" (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, “Gustav Klimt” (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, "Georgia O'Keefe" (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, “Georgia O’Keefe” (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, "Keith Haring" (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, “Keith Haring” (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, "Joan Miro" (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, “Joan Miro” (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, "Salvador Dali" (2015)

Hannah Rothstein, “Salvador Dali” (2015)

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