MTA Continues to Ignore Bushwick Open Studios, Take Action Now!

In the five year history of the Bushwick Open Studios (BOS), New York’s public transportation authority, the MTA, has subjected the major north Brooklyn festival to three subway outages that have and will seriously impact its ability to attract people from outside the neighborhood because when the L train — the lifeline of north Brooklyn — goes down, the human traffic flow slows to a crawl.

This is a ridiculous situation. It is hard to know whose fault this is — I have heard conflicting stories on who contributed to this situation (was it the fault of BOS not telling the MTA or the fault of the MTA not caring even after they were informed) — but what is clear is the lack of public transportation wil hamper the plans of the 10,000+ participants and visitors to the 2011 Bushwick Open Studios festival.

Here is what you can do. Please call Andy Inglesby at the MTA, 646-252-2658, and ask him to do anything he can to change this decision. Even if they don’t change things for this weekend — though I hope they will — they will hear loud and clear that New Yorkers are angry that the MTA continues to ignore a major arts festival and an important local constituency that contributes to the cultural and economic vibrancy and health of the city. Take action now!

If you have no luck with the MTA, please call the following politicians and ask them to advocate for their community by putting pressure on the MTA:

  • Senator Martin Malavé Dilan, phone (718) 573-1726
  • Councilman Erik Martin Dilan, phone (718) 642-8664

We must stand with the BOS and their efforts to continue and make north Brooklyn into a thriving center of the arts.

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