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SCI-Arc is an internationally renowned independent college of architecture. Under the new directorship of visionary architect, Hernan Diaz Alonso, SCI-Arc is entering its most exciting era to date. This fall, Diaz Alonso appointed Elena Manferdini, longtime SCI-Arc faculty, as Chair of the Graduate Programs. Manferdini introduces SCI-Arc’s Master of Architecture programs.

Elena Manferdini: “Master of Architecture 1 (M.Arch 1) and Master of Architecture 2 (M.Arch 2) are the two SCI-Arc graduate, professionally accredited programs, that offer the degree required to pursue licensure in the US.

M.Arch I is and always will be the bench mark of any architectural school, because it defines how effective an institution is in the education of students with little or no background in architecture. The program length is three and a half years. Central to the program’s philosophy is a firm commitment to the discipline of architecture.

On the other hand, M.Arch 2 students come to SCI-Arc with an undergraduate education in architecture, and they study here for two and a half years to implement their previous education and focus on contemporary digital technologies and critical thinking.

The two programs are different at the core level, because the first one, M.Arch 1, shapes students as architects, while the second one, M.Arch 2, focuses in advancing contemporary cutting edge architectural education.

One aspect that both programs have in common is that SCI-Arc is a school that considers architecture as an art form capable to engage with contemporary culture and public imagination. This kind of school attracts specific individuals who believe that architecture has the ability to enrich our emotional and intellectual world.”

Master of Architecture application deadline is December 15, 2015.

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