Friendly creatures from Friends With You (image via

This week’s Required Reading features mashed-up video games, a lost e.e. cummings poem, an indie arcade review and a museum just for you.

Tuper Tario Tros. is a mash-up between Super Mario Bros. and Tetris, as you may have guessed from the title. It’s a strange combination that feels like a deconstruction of video game history: make your own Mario blocks instead of relying on the level.

Rhizome has published videos from its Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum. Click through to check out the full presentations of the artist/technologist collaborations. Those will fill up most of your Sunday morning.

The Awl publishes a long lost e.e. cummings poem found by James Dempsey during the course of his research, plus the story of how he found it. Pretty riveting.

Video games in a gallery context? Kill Screen reviews No Quarter, an NYU-based indie video game arcade. From minimalism to puzzlers, this showcase has it all. Also interesting to compare reviewing styles between art and video games.

Artist collective Friends With You will be presenting an installation on the High Line’s newly opening section 2 on this coming Wednesday, June 8.

New York Observer’s BetaBeat writes on Intel’s “Museum of Me”, a Facebook-based internet application that shows you yourself, online.

You know what’s hot? Stairs. You gotta love stairs, from spiral stairs to minimalist cantilevered stairs. For fellow stair-lovers, there’s Stair Porn.

Required Reading is published every Sunday morning, and it is comprised of a short list of art-related links (10 or less) to long-form articles, videos, blog posts or photo essays worth a second look.

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