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Surrounding Chiloé

Surrounding Chiloé

As part of Hyperallergic’s Emily Hall Tremaine Journalism Fellowship for Curators, Dan Cameron presents an email exhibition to offer insight into his curatorial process.

Required Reading

Required Reading

This week: Why does the internet hate Amber Heard? Will Congress recognize the Palestinian Nakba? And other urgent questions.

Jack Sjogren

Jack Sjogren is a cartoonist and illustrator in LA pouring his soul into butt jokes. For more heart-wrenching silliness, visit

5 replies on “What Do You DO Do?”

  1. My niece, who is a civil engineer, is often told she’s “too pretty to be an engineer.” So….only ugly people can be smart? Is that what that means?

  2. Now do a cartoon on an accountant or systems analyst (etc) at an artist party or reception… Honestly, if someone gets uppity with me, I just pull out my sketchbook and open it to a blank page and say, “here, draw something” – that usually levels the field. 🙂

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