Editor’s Note: Vermin.me is a worldwide sculptural installation initiated by Jamie Burmeister. The Nebraska-bsed artist mailed us a box of three clay figures including some instructions (these are the first four):

  1. Take the vermin on your travels looking for an appropriate location to install the sculpture.
  2. Install the vermin in whatever way interests you.
  3. Photograph the vermin. I usually take some close, medium and far shots.
  4. Leave the vermin. This can be hard because of the bond you may have made with the little guy. Leaving the vermin for others to discover and enjoy is fun and what the project is all about.

We asked Janelle Grace, the London-based managing editor of Hyperallergic LABS, to take one of the cute small figures on her travels to Brighton. This is her report.

*    *    *

The little vermin when they arrived. (click to enlarge)

I and some friends installed a vermin outside the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, UK today (June 16) and here are our pictures.

Our little vermin (whom we called Robin) travelled with us from London to Brighton for a short holiday from our studies. We made Robin a little paper hat, collar, boot and guitar, and took him around Brighton with us.

He saw the sea, visited a cute shop with delicious ice cream, and stopped in a phone booth. When visiting the beautiful Royal Pavilion building, we happened upon a hole in a tree with a perfect view of the sight. The spot is just visible from the sidewalk, but still offering protection from the road and weather. It seemed like it was made for a little vermin like him.

As we were placing him there, a girl noticed him. It was then clear that we had to leave the little guy there in hopes that either she would return or that someone else with her eye would find him. We also thought that Robin’s presence there, however temporary, might encourage people to take better care of the tree as well.

Jamie Burmeister’s contribution to the Mail Art Bulletin will be on display during the Presents: Three Months of Mail Art for Hyprallergic HQ exhibition that opens tomorrow at Hyperallergic HQ (181 N 11th Street, Suite 302, Williamsburg, Brooklyn). The show, which will be open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (noon to 6pm), continues until Wednesday, June 29.

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