The High Line Gets Drrrty

Kate Sokoler's photos of couples on the High Line (photo via gothamist.com)

The High Line Section 2 is New York City’s latest stab at utopia, so it only makes sense that people love it. But maybe they love it a little too much? Gothamist publishes a photo essay of couples canoodling on the High Line lawn, and all of a sudden, the lawn gets closed for cleaning. Cleaning of what, exactly?

Kate Sokoler’s series of photos depicting guys and gals fooling around on the High Line’s new lawn presents some damning evidence. But really, who can blame anyone for getting romantic? Diller Scofidio + Renfro are a total aphrodisiac, just ask the fine people at Boston’s ICA (mmm sexy skyline).

Blog Vanishing New York just noticed that the High Line’s lawn is closed for cleaning. Cause and effect? Perhaps. But the grass was endangered from day 1, I think. It’s just too tempting to walk on, too relaxing not to lay down in and too much of a rarity in Midtown’s sea of pavement. That grass was not going to last.

Hopefully a quick refresher will perk it right up again. Anyway, see Gothamist for the slightly more NSFW shots.

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