Brooklyn Museum Nixes Street Art Show

The Brooklyn Museum has issued a press release stating that it will no longer be hosting LA MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition, which was scheduled to appear in Brooklyn from March 30 through July 8, 2012.

According to the Brooklyn Museum’s release, museum director Arnold L. Lehman had the following to say about the decision:

This is an exhibition about which we were tremendously enthusiastic, and which would follow appropriately in the path of our Basquiat and graffiti exhibitions in 2005 and 2006, respectively. It is with regret, therefore, that the cancellation became necessary due to the current financial climate. As with most arts organizations throughout the country, we have had to make several difficult choices since the beginning of the economic downturn three years ago.

Needless to say, the announcement is curious. Is the Brooklyn Museum financially unable to support a large touring show? Have outside forces (police, city, etc.) been pressuring the institution because of potential fears of increased street art or graffiti activity outside the museum? We will update you if we hear anything additional about the decision.

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