According to the art world’s favorite vlogger, James Kalm, Art in the Streets essayist Carlo McCormick spoke on June 19 at MOCA and Jeffrey Deitch was in the crowd.

Enhanced photo of Deitch watching the McCormick lecture while the Blu mural is discussed as an image of it appears on the screen. (click to enlarge)

During his lecture, which was a “look at the destructive and creative aspects of uncommissioned public art and mark-making,” the New York-based art writer brought up the Blu mural that was commissioned then whitewashed by MOCA.

I can’t see much of Deitch’s reactions in the video as the MOCA director is shrouded by darkness, so I enhanced a frame (left). It seems to suggest his reaction is blank. His suit, on the other hand, seems to be a delicious yellow.

Kalm commented on Facebook that when he saw Deitch in person, he appeared to have had a “poker face” at the moment when Blu appeared on screen. Though I personally don’t think that says much as I’m guessing every good art dealer probably develops one at some point.

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