What Did You Do on Your Sabbatical?

Steve Locke, 'Family Pictures' (2016), C-print on cotton paper, 30 x 40 inches, edition of 3 (all images courtesy the artist)
Steve Locke, ‘Family Pictures’ (2016), C-print on cotton paper, 30 x 40 inches, edition of 3 (all images courtesy the artist)

There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.

David EaglemanSum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

BOSTON — I went on sabbatical from teaching last year. It was one of those things that I, a kid of working class parents, could never have imagined when I was younger. My institution was enabling me to take time off of work to concentrate on my artistic development: to focus on my studio the way that I have been focusing on my students for the past 10 years. This time was hard-won, precious; I was looking forward to it opening up for me. I had a lot of ideas that had filled my sketchbooks over the years. Also, I had bookcases of texts I could not wait to devour. It had been so long since I had read anything for pleasure, I was so looking forward to curling up with all the tomes I had purchased that work had not allowed me to open. Also, to be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to getting some rest. I purchased supplies and cleared out my studio for new work. I cleaned up my email and finished up school business. I got to a clutter-free place. I thought about what was possible.

Then Michael Brown happened.

While news channels kept showing his body lying in the street for hours, we found out about John H. Crawford, III.

And then Ezell Ford. And Dante Parker. And Kajieme Powell. And more. And many, many more. Some captured in grainy videos replayed on television and computer screens.

In the studio, I could not stop thinking about this march of death. I painted almost every day, and every day this parade of killing was on my television and radio and social media feed. Some of the dead became Twitter hashtags. Some did not, but they were no less dead. Why were some people more important than others? Did people think that some victims were more worthy than others of not being shot to death, or tasered to death, or run over, or beaten to death by the state?

I was on sabbatical, so I had time. Time to create turned into time to think, and I couldn’t think about anything other than death. I didn’t read any books. I painted.

Steve Locke, "we touched the water" (2007–15), oil on panel with stripped and painted poles, flanges, and connectors on wood base with acrylic and latex and oil on beveled panel, 10w x14h (portrait), 50h x 24w x 24d (click to enlarge)
Steve Locke, “we touched the water” (2007–15), oil on panel with stripped and painted poles, flanges, and connectors on wood base with acrylic and latex and oil on beveled panel, 10w x14h (portrait), 50h x 24w x 24d (click to enlarge)

It’s summer (July), and I’m at dinner with a friend. We are in a bistro with televisions all over the restaurant and bar area. The sound is turned down, but the images light the entire place. The video of Officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner to death plays over and over and over, interrupted by silent talking heads. I wonder, why are they playing this man’s murder on a loop? People eat, drink, laugh, walk about. No one seems to notice that a man is being choked to death on television. Then I start to think that maybe they do see it and that it doesn’t bother them. This is the first time I witness this, a black person being killed on television. It will not be the last time. Not by any measure.

Over the course of my sabbatical, I see black people shot to death on television over and over again. Newscasters and pundits issue verbal warnings that the video they are about to show might upset “sensitive viewers.” I try to imagine a viewer who would not be upset about seeing someone like Walter Scott shot to death (or by the fact that his killer, Officer Michael Slager, planted evidence on his corpse). Or Tamir Rice shot to death. I wonder why they don’t tell the “insensitive viewers” to hook up their DVRs. When I am in the studio, the images filled my head. I jump when cars backfire.

People ask me how my sabbatical is going. They say, “I hope you are taking advantage of this time.” They tell me how lucky I am. They ask, “What’s going on in the studio?” I wonder if they watch the news at all. I wonder if they know about what is happening. I wonder how they feel about these images of black people being killed. I post about this stuff on social media, and it is ignored, for the most part. Ferguson explodes. Social media does not believe in tears.

In August of 2015, two reporters are shot to death on live television. Alison Parker and Adam Ward are killed by Vester Lee Flanagan II, who uploaded a video of the killing to social media. Immediately, the television station, Facebook, and other social media erupt with requests for people not to view or share the video. To maintain the dignity of the victims, people beg the public not to watch the video. It would be a terrible thing to give the killer satisfaction by watching his murder of the reporters.

I start to wonder why black people are allowed to be killed on television. Why we are allowed to be transformed from subjects to objects and left to lie in streets for hours? Why is it acceptable to show the end of a black life on television?

Steve Locke, 'Family Pictures' (2016), C-print on cotton paper, 30 x 40 inches, edition of 3
Steve Locke, ‘Family Pictures’ (2016), C-print on cotton paper, 30 x 40 inches, edition of 3

I start to make work about the historical impulse to turn violence against black people into part of our domestic structures. People continue to ask me what I am doing on sabbatical. I think of Neruda and I wish I knew Spanish. (“Come and see the blood in the streets … ”) I decide to make a work about all the people killed by police while I was on sabbatical. I dismiss the idea as too agitprop. I talk to my mentors. One of them tells me, “Make the work. Just don’t trivialize.” I work with a friend and learn how to make photographs. It is harder than I imagined. I finish this work, Family Pictures. I show it to a few people. I finish my sabbatical. I’ve read few books. I feel surrounded by ghosts.

I paint everything I think. I don’t trivialize. I realize a new body of paintings. My studio is full of murderers, victims, liars, and accusers.

Paintings in the artist's studio
Paintings in the artist’s studio
Steve Locke, untitled (2016), oil on beveled panel, acrylic on verso, 16 x 16 in
Steve Locke, untitled (2016), oil on beveled panel, acrylic on verso, 16 x 16 in

I return to work in September. In December, I am hassled and detained by the police.  I write about the experience. Many people want me to come and talk to groups to “raise awareness.” I decline. They seem to be unaware that I would not like to relive a traumatic experience in public. People want me to talk about #BlackLivesMatter. The college intervenes and offers to handle calls from the press for me. I am deeply grateful, because this allows me to concentrate on my job and my students. CNN calls the college and wants to know if I will talk to Don Lemon. I tell the school that I will talk to anyone at CNN except Don Lemon. I get hate mail.

Lisa Tung, the exhibitions director at the college, asks me what work I want to put in the biennial faculty show. I decide to make the piece I thought was agitprop. I call Carmine, my neon fabricator. I want him to make a sign that mimics police light and spells out what is lost. I research police killings of unarmed civilians. I find no central list. I find no definitive list. I find no government statistics. I rely on activist sources. I rely on the Guardian. I make the piece. It is installed in the faculty show. It is a timeline. Its information: date, name, gender, city, state, method of killing. I title it “A Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed by Police or who Died in Police Custody During my Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014-2015.”

Steve Locke, "A Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed by Police or who Died in Police Custody During my Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014-2015" (2016), paint on wall with vinyl text, neon, dimensions variable
Steve Locke, “A Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed by Police or who Died in Police Custody During my Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014-2015” (2016), paint on wall with vinyl text, neon, dimensions variable

There are 262 names.

People tell me that they look at the wall and measure time. They lift up the people in their thoughts. Someone asks me if I am influenced by Maya Lin. I answer that we all are influenced by Maya Lin.

08/01/2014 Anthony Calloway Male 27 Atlanta GA Gunshot
08/02/2014 Omar Abrego Male 37 Los Angeles CA Beaten
08/03/2014 Jacorey Calhoun Male 23 Oakland CA Gunshot
08/04/2014 Amir Brooks Male 17 Washington DC Vehicle
08/05/2014 Jeremey Lake Male 19 Tulsa OK Gunshot
08/05/2014 John H. Crawford III Male 22 Beavercreek OH Gunshot
08/06/2014 Michael Laray Dozer Male 26 Bakersfield CA Gunshot
08/09/2014 Michael Brown Male 18 Ferguson MO Gunshot
08/11/2014 Torrez Harris Male 52 Canton MS Gunshot
08/11/2014 Ezell Ford Male 25 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
08/11/2014 Eddie Davis Male 67 Dekalb TX Gunshot
08/12/2014 Dante Parker Male 36 Victorville CA Tasered
08/13/2014 Corey Levert Tanner Male 24 Bunnel FL Gunshot
08/14/2014 Michelle Cusseaux Female 50 Phoenix AZ Gunshot
08/17/2014 Levon Leroy Love Male 44 San Antonio TX Tasered
08/18/2014 Luther Lathron Walker Male 38 Bellflower CA Gunshot
08/18/2014 Andre Maurice Jones Male 37 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
08/19/2014 Darius Colegarrit Male 21 Chicago IL Gunshot
08/19/2014 David Ellis Male 29 Philadelphia PA Gunshot
08/19/2014 Kajieme Powell Male 25 St. Louis MO Gunshot
08/20/2014 Arvel Douglas Williams Male 30 Perry Hall MD Tasered
08/22/2014 Vernicia Woodard Female 26 Hapeville GA Gunshot
08/23/2014 Anthony Lamar Brown Male 39 West Palm Beach FL Gunshot
08/23/2014 Briant Paula Male 26 Methuen MA Vehicle
08/24/2014 Rondre Hornbeak Male 38 Ardmore OK Unknown
08/25/2014 Desean Pittman Male 20 Chicago IL Gunshot
08/25/2014 Steven Lashone Douglas Male 29 Dallas TX Gunshot
08/26/2014 Roshad McIntosh Male 18 Chicago IL Gunshot
08/26/2014 Cortez Washington Male 32 Omaha NE Gunshot
08/29/2014 Jeremy Lewis Male 33 Orlando FL Gunshot
08/31/2014 Naim Owens Male 22 Brooklyn NY Gunshot
08/31/2014 Eugene N. Turner III Male 28 Kansas City MO Gunshot
09/02/2014 Kendrick Brown Male 35 Cleveland OH Gunshot
09/08/2014 Alphonse Edward Perkins Male 50 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
09/12/2014 Darrien Nathaniel Hunt Male 22 Saratoga Springs UT Gunshot
09/12/2014 Elijah Jackson Male 33 Knoxville TN Gunshot
09/15/2014 Kerry Lynn Brown Male 26 Lacey WA Gunshot
09/15/2014 Michael Bonty Male 23 Wasilla AK Gunshot
09/16/2014 Kashad Ashford Male 23 Rutherford NJ Gunshot
09/18/2014 Charles Smith Male 29 Savannah GA Gunshot
09/18/2014 Michael M. Willis Jr. Male 42 Jennings MO Gunshot
09/23/2014 Cameron Tillman Male 14 Houma LA Gunshot
09/24/2014 Nolan Anderson Male 50 LaPlace LA Gunshot
09/27/2014 Eugene Williams Male 38 Kansas City MO Tasered
09/28/2014 Oliver Jarrod Gregoire Male 26 Baytown TX Tasered
09/30/2014 Javonta Darden Male 20 Athens GA Gunshot
09/30/2014 Marlon S. Woodstock Male 38 Sunrise FL Gunshot
10/01/2014 Tracy Ann Oglesby Wade Female 39 Louisville KY Gunshot
10/04/2014 Lashano J. Gilbert Male 31 New London CT Tasered
10/06/2014 Balantine Mbegbu Male 65 Phoenix AZ Tasered
10/07/2014 O’Shaine Evans Male 26 San Francisco CA Gunshot
10/07/2014 Aljarreau Cross Male 29 North Las Vegas NV Gunshot
10/08/2014 VonDerrit D. Myers Jr. Male 18 St. Louis MO Gunshot
10/09/2014 Ahaviel T. Whitfield Male 39 Decatur GA Gunshot
10/10/2014 Elisha Paul Glass Male 20 Columbus OH Gunshot
10/10/2014 Qusean Whitten Male 18 Columbus OH Gunshot
10/11/2014 Derryl Drayton Male 51 James Island SC Gunshot
10/13/2014 Macario Cisneros Garcia Male 54 Pleasanton TX Tasered
10/14/2014 Rikessa La’Shae Lee Female 21 Lorman MS Vehicle
10/17/2014 Adam Ardett Madison Male 28 Warrior AL Gunshot
10/23/2014 Zale Thompson Male 32 Jamaica NY Gunshot
10/24/2014 Keonna Redmond Female 15 Jackson MS Vehicle
10/25/2014 Florence White Female 51 Greensboro NC Vehicle
10/25/2014 Craig Hall Male 29 Maywood IL Gunshot
10/27/2014 Christopher Mason McCray Male 17 Fayetteville NC Vehicle
10/28/2014 Kaldrick Donald Male 24 Gretna FL Gunshot
10/29/2014 Vincent Omear Thomas Male 33 Florence SC Vehicle
11/01/2014 Johnn T. Wilson III Male 22 Las Vegas NV Gunshot
11/01/2014 Michael D. McDougle Male 29 Philadelphia MS Tasered, Beaten
11/02/2014 Charles Emmett Logan Male 68 Maplewood MN Tasered
11/03/2014 Christopher Anderson Male 27 Highland Park IL Gunshot
11/03/2014 Raphael Thomas Male 29 Akron OH Gunshot
11/06/2014 Cinque D’Jahspora Male 20 Jackson TN Gunshot
11/08/2014 Carlos Davenport Male 50 Kansas City KS Gunshot
11/09/2014 Aura Rosser Female 40 Ann Arbor MI Gunshot
11/13/2014 Tanisha N. Anderson Female 37 Cleveland OH Tasered, Physical restraint
11/13/2014 Darnell Dayron Stafford Male 31 Trenton NJ Gunshot
11/18/2014 Ronald Glennlewis Evans Male 30 Bunnell FL Vehicle
11/19/2014 Keara Crowder Female 29 Memphis TN Gunshot
11/20/2014 Akai Gurley Male 28 Brooklyn NY Gunshot
11/22/2014 Tamir E. Rice Male 12 Cleveland OH Gunshot
11/24/2014 O’Tavis Hall Male 35 Winchester CA Gunshot
11/24/2014 Leonardo Marquette Little Male 33 Jacksonville FL Gunshot
11/25/2014 Eric Ricks Male 30 Mesquite TX Tasered
12/02/2014 Rumain Brisbon Male 34 Phoenix AZ Gunshot
12/02/2014 William Mark Jones Male 50 Red Springs NC Tasered
12/02/2014 Isaac Lee Ricks Male 68 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
12/02/2014 Rumain Brishon Male 34 Phoenix AZ Gunshot
12/04/2014 Keenan Ardoin Male 24 Ville Platte LA Medical emergency, Drug overdose, pepper spray
12/07/2014 Jerry Demonte Nowlin Male 39 Oklahoma City OK Gunshot
12/08/2014 Christopher Bernard Doss Male 31 San Antonio TX Gunshot
12/09/2014 Calvin Peters Male 49 Brooklyn NY Gunshot
12/10/2014 Travis Faison Male 24 Sanford NC Gunshot
12/12/2014 Thurrell Jowers Male 22 Poplar Bluff MO Gunshot
12/13/2014 Joseph Michael Rodriguez Male 19 Topeka KS Gunshot
12/14/2014 Xavier McDonald Male 16 Nashville TN Gunshot
12/14/2014 Michael D. Sulton Male 23 Ridgeland MS Gunshot
12/15/2014 Dennis Grisgby Jr. Male 35 Texarkana TX Gunshot
12/15/2014 Brandon Tate Brown Male 26 Philadelphia PA Gunshot
12/19/2014 Terrell Beasley Male 28 Saint Louis MO Gunshot
12/23/2014 Antonio Martin Male 18 Berkeley MO Gunshot
12/26/2014 Quentin Smith Male 23 Cocoa FL Gunshot
12/26/2014 Carlton Wayne “Chimmy” Smith Male 20 Texas City TX Gunshot
12/27/2014 David Andre Scott Male 28 Jacksonville FL Gunshot
12/29/2014 Kevin Davis Male 44 Decatur GA Gunshot
12/30/2014 Jerame C. Reid Male 36 Bridgeton NJ Gunshot
12/31/2014 Eric Tyrone Forbes Male 28 Miami FL Gunshot
01/01/2015 Matthew Ojibade Male 22 Savannah GA Unknown
01/06/2015 Brian Pickett Male 26 Los Angeles CA Tasered
01/06/2015 Leslie Sapp III Male 47 Knoxville PA Gunshot
01/07/2015 Andre Larone Murphy Sr. Male 42 Norfolk NE Tasered
01/07/2015 Ronald “Maynard” Sneed Male 31 Freeport TX Gunshot
01/07/2015 Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed Male 41 Columbus OH Gunshot
01/07/2015 Omarr Jackson Male 37 New Orleans LA Gunshot
01/08/2015 Artago Damon Howard Male 36 Strong AR Gunshot
01/11/2015 Elarry Brumfield Jr. Male 31 Pascagoula MS Fire
01/14/2015 Marcus Ryan Golden Male 24 St. Paul MN Gunshot
01/15/2015 DeWayne Carr Male 45 Scottsdale AZ Gunshot
01/15/2015 Donte Sowell Male 27 Indianapolis IN Gunshot
01/15/2015 Kavonda Earl Payton Male 39 Aurora CO Gunshot
01/15/2015 Mario A. Jordan Male 34 Chesapeake VA Gunshot
01/16/2015 Rodney Walker Male 23 Tulsa OK Gunshot
01/17/2015 Terence Walker Male 21 Muskogee OK Gunshot
01/17/2015 Daniel Brumley Male 27 Fort Worth TX Gunshot
01/21/2015 Isaac Holmes Male 19 St. Louis MO Gunshot
01/24/2015 Darin Hutchins Male 26 Baltimore MD Gunshot
01/27/2015 Jermonte Fletcher Male 33 Columbus OH Gunshot
01/31/2015 Edward Donnell Bright Sr. Male 56 Randallstown MD Gunshot
02/03/2015 Ledarius D. Williams Male 23 St. Louis MO Gunshot
02/03/2015 Yuvette Henderson Female 38 Oakland CA Gunshot
02/03/2015 Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr. Male 29 Antioch CA Gunshot
02/04/2015 Markell Atkins Male 36 Memphis TN Gunshot
02/04/2015 Jimmy Ray Robinson Jr. Male 51 Lorena TX Gunshot
02/06/2015 Herbert Hill Male 26 Oklahoma City OK Gunshot
02/07/2015 James Howard Allen Male 74 Gastonia NC Gunshot
02/09/2015 Desmond Luster Sr. Male 45 Dallas TX Gunshot
02/10/2015 Anthony Bess Male 48 Memphis TN Gunshot
02/11/2015 Phillip Watkins Male 23 San Jose CA Gunshot
02/15/2015 Lavall Hall Male 25 Miami Gardens FL Gunshot
02/18/2015 Janisha Fonville Female 20 Charlotte NC Gunshot
02/20/2015 Douglas Harris Male 77 Birmingham AL Gunshot
02/20/2015 Terry Price Male 41 Tulsa OK Tasered
02/20/2015 Stanley Lamar Grant Male 38 Birmingham AL Gunshot
02/20/2015 Alejandro Salazar Male Houston TX Gunshot
02/22/2015 Calvon A. Reid Male 39 Coconut Creek FL Tasered
02/23/2015 A’Donte Washington Male 18 Millbrook AL Gunshot
02/25/2015 Glenn C. Lewis Male 37 Oklahoma City OK Gunshot
02/28/2015 Cornelius J. Parker Male 28 Columbia MO Gunshot
02/28/2015 Thomas Allen Jr. Male 34 St. Louis MO Gunshot
02/28/2015 Ian Sherrod Male 40 Tarboro NC Gunshot
03/01/2015 Charly Leundeu “Africa” Keunang Male 43 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
03/01/2015 Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood Male 47 Oklahoma City OK Tasered
03/03/2015 Fednel Rhinvil Male 25 Salisbury MD Gunshot
03/05/2015 Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence Male 45 Milwaukee WI Gunshot
03/06/2015 Tony Terrell Robinson Male 19 Madison WI Gunshot
03/06/2015 Naeschylus Vinzant Male 37 Aurora CO Gunshot
03/06/2015 Bernard Moore Male 62 Atlanta GA Vehicle
03/06/2015 Andrew Anthony Williams Male 48 Melrose FL Gunshot
03/08/2015 Monique Jenee Deckard Female 43 Anaheim CA Gunshot
03/09/2015 Anthony Hill Male 27 Chamblee GA Gunshot
03/09/2015 Cedrick Lamont Bishop Male 30 Cocoa FL Gunshot
03/10/2015 Terrance Moxley Male 29 Mansfield OH Tasered
03/10/2015 Theodore J. Johnson Sr. Male 64 Cleveland OH Gunshot
03/11/2015 Terry Garnett Jr. Male 37 Elkton MD Gunshot
03/17/2015 Askari Roberts Male 35 Rome GA Tasered
03/19/2015 Kendre Alston Male 16 Jacksonville FL Gunshot
03/19/2015 Brandon Jones Male 18 Cleveland OH Gunshot
03/21/2015 Romeo Roddrick Staples Male 20 Palatka FL Vehicle
03/22/2015 Denzel Brown Male 21 Islip NY Gunshot
03/24/2015 Nicholas Taft Thomas Male 25 Atlanta GA Gunshot
03/24/2015 Walter J. Brown III Male 29 Portsmouth VA Gunshot
03/27/2015 Angelo West Male 41 Roxbury MA Gunshot
03/27/2015 Jamalis Hall Male 39 Fort Pierce FL Gunshot
03/28/2015 Meagan Hockaday Female 26 Oxnard CA Gunshot
03/30/2015 Mya Ricky Shawatza Hall Transgender 27 Fort George Meade MD Gunshot
03/30/2015 Dominick R. Wise Male 30 Culpeper VA Taser
03/31/2015 Anthony Stokes Male 17 Roswell GA Vehicle
03/31/2015 Phillip White Male 32 Vineland NJ Beaten
03/31/2015 Tyrail Ezell Male 31 Nashville TN Gunshot
04/01/2015 Robert Washington Male 37 Hawthorne CA Gunshot
04/02/2015 Eric Courtney Harris Male 44 Tulsa OK Gunshot
04/02/2015 Donald “Dontay” Shaw Ivy Male 39 Albany NY Tasered, medical emergency, beaten
04/02/2015 Darrin A. Langford Male 32 Rock Island IL Gunshot
04/04/2015 Walter Lamar Scott Male 50 North Charleston SC Gunshot
04/04/2015 Justus Howell Male 17 Zion IL Gunshot
04/04/2015 Paul Anthony Anderson Male 31 Anaheim CA Gunshot
04/06/2015 Desmond Willis Male 25 Harvey LA Gunshot
04/08/2015 Dexter Bethea Male 42 Valdosta GA Gunshot
04/09/2015 Don Oneal Smith Jr. Male 29 Monon IN Gunshot
04/12/2015 Freddie Gray Male 25 Baltimore MD Medical emergency
04/12/2015 Mack Long Male 36 Indianapolis IN Gunshot
04/14/2015 Colby Robinson Male 26 Dallas TX Gunshot
04/15/2015 Frank Ernest Shephard III Male 41 Houston TX Gunshot
04/15/2015 Tevin Barkley Male 22 Miami FL Gunshot
04/16/2015 Darrell Lawrence Brown Male 31 Hagerstown MD Tasered
04/17/2015 Jeffery Kemp Male 18 Chicago IL Gunshot
04/17/2015 Thaddeus McCarroll Male 23 Jennings MO Gunshot, first shot with a “less-lethal” round of some sort
04/19/2015 Norman Cooper Male 33 San Antonio TX Tasered
04/21/2015 Daniel Wolfe Male 35 Union NJ Gunshot
04/22/2015 William L. Chapman II Male 18 Portsmouth VA Gunshot, Tasered
04/24/2015 Todd Jamal Dye Male 20 Trinidad CO Gunshot
04/25/2015 David Felix Male 24 New York NY Gunshot
04/27/2015 Terrance Kellom Male 20 Detroit MI Gunshot
04/28/2015 Jared Johnson Male 22 New Orleans LA Gunshot
04/29/2015 Jeffery O. Adkins Male 53 Emporia VA Gunshot
04/30/2015 Alexia Christian Female 25 Atlanta GA Gunshot
05/03/2015 Elton Simpson Male 30 Garland TX Gunshot
05/04/2015 Ricardo Blackmon Male 27 Jackson MS Vehicle
05/05/2015 Brendon “Dizzle” Glenn Male 29 Venice CA Gunshot
05/06/2015 Jason Champion Male 41 Secaucus NJ Vehicle
05/06/2015 Nuwnah Laroche Female 34 Secaucus NJ Vehicle
05/07/2015 Nephi Arriguin Male 21 Cerritos CA Gunshot
05/08/2015 Dedrick Marshall Male 48 Harvey LA Gunshot
05/10/2015 Lionel Lorenzo Young Male 34 Landover MD Gunshot
05/11/2015 Kelvin Antonie Goldston Male 30 Fort Worth TX Gunshot
05/12/2015 D’Angelo Reyes Stallworth Male 28 Jacksonville FL Gunshot
05/19/2015 Anthony Quinn Gomez Jr. Male 29 Lancaster PA Gunshot
05/20/2015 Marcus D. Wheeler Male 26 Omaha NE Gunshot
05/20/2015 Chrislon Talbott Male 38 Owensboro KY Gunshot
05/20/2015 Markus Clark Male 26 Fort Lauderdale FL Medical Emergency
05/21/2015 Javoris Reshaud Washington Male 29 Fort Lauderdale FL Gunshot
05/21/2015 Jerome Thomas Caldwell Male 32 Charleston SC Gunshot
05/23/2015 Caso Jackson Male 25 Detroit MI Gunshot
05/25/2015 Anthony Dewayne Briggs Male 36 Huntsville AL Gunshot
05/26/2015 Dalton Branch Male 51 New York NY Gunshot
05/28/2015 Kenneth Dothard Male 40 Carrollton GA Gunshot
05/29/2015 Kevin Allen Male 36 Lyndhurst NJ Gunshot
05/31/2015 Richard Gregory Davis Male 50 Rochester NY Taser
06/02/2015 Usaama Rahim Male 26 Boston MA Gunshot
06/03/2015 Sherman Byrd Jr. Male 24 Chester PA Vehicle
06/04/2015 Andrew Ellerbe Male 33 Philadelphia PA Gunshot
06/06/2015 Demouria Hogg Male 30 Oakland CA Gunshot
06/08/2015 Ross Anthony Male 25 Dallas TX Tasered
06/09/2015 Quandavier Hicks Male 22 Cincinnati OH Gunshot
06/10/2015 Isiah Hampton Male 19 New York NY Gunshot
06/11/2015 Fritz Severe Male 46 Miami FL Gunshot
06/15/2015 Kris Jackson Male 22 South Lake Tahoe CA Gunshot
06/16/2015 Jermaine Benjamin Male 41 Vero Beach FL Medical emergency
06/19/2015 Trepierre Hummons Male 21 Cincinnati OH Gunshot
06/20/2015 Kevin Bajoie Male 31 Baton Rouge LA Tasered
06/20/2015 Alfontish Cockerham Male 23 Chicago IL Gunshot
06/22/2015 Tyrone Dale Harris Jr. Male 20 Pittsburgh PA Gunshot
06/24/2015 Damien Alexander Harrell Male 26 Yorktown VA Gunshot
06/25/2015 Spencer McCain Male 41 Owings Mills MD Gunshot
07/02/2015 Victo Larosa III Male 23 Jacksonville FL Gunshot
07/04/2015 Kawanza Jamal Beaty Male 23 Newport News VA Gunshot
07/04/2015 Robert Elando Malone Male 42 Oklahoma City OK Gunshot
07/04/2015 Maximo Rabasa Male 52 Miami FL Tasered
07/06/2015 Jason Hendley Male 29 Los Angeles CA Gunshot
07/07/2015 Marcellus Jamarcus Burley Male 18 Missouri City TX Gunshot
07/08/2015 Jonathan Sanders Male 39 Stonewall MS Asphyxiated
07/10/2015 Anthony Dewayne Ware Male 35 Tuscaloosa AL Medical emergency
07/10/2015 Freddie Lee Blue Male 20 Covington GA Gunshot
07/11/2015 George Mann Male 35 Stone Mountain GA Tasered
07/13/2015 Sandra Bland Female 28 Hempstead TX Asphyxiated, ruled suicide
07/19/2015 Samuel DuBose Male 43 Cincinnati OH Gunshot
08/06/2015 Troy Robinson Male 33 Decatur GA Tasered
08/07/2015 Christian Taylor Male 19 Arlington TX Gunshot
08/14/2015 Asshams Pharoah Manley Male 30 Spauldings MD Gunshot
08/28/2015 Felix Kumi Male 61 Mt. Vernon NY Gunshot
08/31/2015 John Carney III Male 48 Cincinnati OH Tasered


Someone will say their names, and they will be alive a little longer.

Steve Locke, "A Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed by Police or who Died in Police Custody During my Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014-2015" (detail, 2016), paint on wall with vinyl text, neon, dimensions variable
Steve Locke, “A Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed by Police or who Died in Police Custody During my Sabbatical from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2014-2015” (detail, 2016), paint on wall with vinyl text, neon, dimensions variable
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