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Clockwise from top left: Liu Zhengang, Hu Mingfen, Wen Tao, Zhang Jinsgong (image via

Around 5 hours ago, the news broke that Ai Weiwei’s cousin and driver Zhang Jingsong was to be released on bail, as the artist was yesterday. Zhang is now home and has lost 19 kg; Ai associate Duyan Pili notes that he’ll have to lose his nickname of “Little Fatty.”

Zhang was detained for over 75 days. There is still no word from Ai Weiwei’s other friends and employees still detained, reporter Wen Tao, architect Liu Zhenggang and accountant Hu Mingfen. See our post from this morning for more details.

Time journalist Austin Ramzy translated Duyan Pili’s Tweet:!/austinramzy/status/83856536937562112

We’ll update this post as the news develops.

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Kyle Chayka

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