Ai Weiwei Associates Liu Zhenggang and Hu Mingfen Released, Wen Tao Still Detained

Ai’s associates, clockwise from top left: Liu Zhenggang, Hu Mingfen, Wen Tao, Zhang Jinsong

Ai Weiwei assistant Duyan Pili broke the news that Ai’s FAKE studio architect Liu Zhenggang and accountant Hu Mingfen have also been released from custody following the artist’s release two days ago. Ai’s cousin and driver Zhang Jinsong was released yesterday. Reporter Wen Tao is still detained, but hopes run high for his release.

The BBC is reporting that Ai is now banned from using Twitter under the conditions of his release on “bail,” a possibility that I wrote about this morning. Could the artist also be banned from making public art? Or does China want him to act as if everything is business as usual?

Documentarian Alison Klayman echoes Duyan’s announcement:

Ai’s lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan reiterates that news of their release is valid:

  • For more background on the release and its consequences, see an interview with Alison Klayman about Ai’s current status over at Globalpost.
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