A rendering of the Donald J. Trump Monument in Madison Square Park (all images courtesy Derek Brahney)

An artist-run, former Donald Trump campaign bus is currently roaming the country; a menstrala portrait of the property mogul recently made headlines; a large Trump-as-turd mural emerged last year courtesy of Hanksy, who has since launched a #Dumpacrossamerica campaign. Now the world may receive its first Donald J. Trump public sculpture, which, like its predecessors, isn’t exactly an honorable tribute to the Cheeto-colored candidate scarily inching his way to becoming the Republican presidential nominee.


A rendering of the Donald J. Trump Monument (click to enlarge)

Featuring a model of Fuckface Von Clownstick surrounded by four six-foot-tall cinderblock walls, with his flannel moth combover and red “Make America Great Again” cap just visible behind a coil of razor wire, “The Donald J. Trump Monument” is not yet a reality but could soon be: Derek Brahney, the artist behind the design, has just launched a Kickstarter to fund the project and plant the sculpture somewhere in New York City. In return for your financial backing to wall-in the outspoken Robert Pattinson supporter, you could receive anything from a “Hecho En Mexico” presidential lapel pin to a T-shirt emblazoned with the word “Politics” or even have your name engraved on the official plaque that Brahney will erect in front of the sculpture.

“The idea was to poke fun at some of [Trump’s] ridiculous statements, and I don’t mind if it also shows the rest of the world that there is some dissent in his hometown,” Brahney told Hyperallergic. Those statements, of course, refer to The Donald’s xenophobic views of immigration and his promise to build “a great, great wall” that Mexico will apparently fund, although Brahney notes that his cinderblock wall is there only to protect the sorry effigy from possible vandals.

“No one is getting over that wall,” he insists.

Brahney has already began location scouting and envisions “Donald J. Trump” standing in heavily frequented public sites such as Wall Street for maximum visibility, although a major city park such as Madison Square Park would be ideal, he said. Central Park, perhaps by the Trump Carousel, may also be a fitting spot.

The project has a funding goal of $30,000, with Brahney noting that the only risk involved is the slight one of Trump being “flattered” by the monument. As of press time, 25 pro-Trump confiners have already collectively pledged $1,187; with 28 days left to go, it’s quite possible that with the proper permits, this fortification will appear in a public square near you — and no, it won’t have a big and beautiful door.


A rendering of the Donald J. Trump Monument on Wall Street


A rendering of the Donald J. Trump Monument in your typical art gallery


Brahney’s sketch of the Donald J. Trump Monument


The official Donald J. Trump Monument plaque

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      1. I think I know good art as well as you may know what you like.
        The two notions seem mutually exclusive so far.
        Can you explain in art terms why this monstrosity isn’t brain junk?
        I can’t even find an excuse for it.
        Anything about color, texture, composition, pattern, grid, proportion, direction, rhythm,.?
        Political art can be excellent when it is Guernica, or May Second and others which are factually correct.
        This is blurring the lines between Trump’s stupid empty words and FDR’s Executive order 9066.

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