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Join the New York Studio School for two or three week Summer Marathons and immerse yourself in perception, experimentation, and formal and conceptual elements.

Graham Nickson’s Drawing Marathon (June 6–17) gives students an understanding of the important language of drawing through form, space, and scale. The Highline Marathon with Linda Darling (June 6–17) brings softer forms of nature together with geometric city architecture and the figure in this one of a kind environment. Bruce Gagnier’s Sculpture Marathon (June 6–17), teaches clay modeling from perception with spontaneity and vision.

In Arbor Vitae Painting with Graham Nickson (June 20–July 1), intense color methods introduce new palettes and metaphors, as students paint in the Old Westbury Gardens and synthesize their plein air paintings with live models in the studio. Portrait Painting Focus with Joe Santore (June 20–July 1) focuses on the process and tradition of portraiture. Storytelling and Relief Sculpture with Jock Ireland and Leonid Lerman (June 20–July 1) introduces relief sculpture with an emphasis on storytelling and the ways in which stories are told through sculpture today.

Why Paint the Figure with Elisa Jensen (July 5–22) explores the history of figuration and leads to development of personal imagery. Sculpture for Public Places with Jilaine Jones and Lee Tribe (July 5–22) will address a range of impulses, roles, narratives, and purposes of sculpture in the outdoor urban context.

Marathons are the ideal way for professional artists and students to invigorate studio work and explore new territory. Apply now for Summer 2016!

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