A screenshot of Linzy’s vagina and James Franco obviously needs a cigarette. (click to enlarge)

Ignore the nice moody song and the bizarreness of James Franco’s disembodied smiling head floating in the video like some deity on uppers, and just concentrate on the cheesiness of Kalup Linzy’s new music video filled with vagina imagery … Judy Chicago would be proud, or weirded out (she could not reach her for comment before we published this very important issue).

Personally, I think one acronym says it best: WTF?!

Also, is it just me or does Linzy and Franco look postcoital in the scene above? Wait, another thing … is Linzy coming out of the vagina or going in? Art is soo confusing.

More at Flavorwire and Pitchfork, which has the best description I’ve ever heard to describe Franco, “movie star weirdo.” Bravo, Pitchfork, bravo!

YouTube video

And the commentarium of Twitter has already started chiming in:


I love the use of artsy in quotation marks:

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