You Stupid Kunst

This video is a tall glass of cool water and worth your time just to learn the six types of art bollocks (more commonly known as “artspeak”).

Sure the art world is plagued with artspeak but I don’t think it’s the only aspect of society infested with this meaningless language — remember truthiness?

Charlotte Young, who is speaking in the video, makes an important point about artspeak, which is the fact that it flourishes where there are no facts or solid opinions involved. I would add that artspeak thrives when people aren’t held accountable for their ideas, words and actions.

And what were those six types of artspeak?

  1. The Uncertainty Principle
  2. “Great” Art
  3. The Comfort of Mediocrity
  4. Nothing to Say and Saying It
  5. Conditionals
  6. Banality, The Critic’s Friend

And the Golden Rule:

Don’t write (or speak) facts or opinions: these are too easily challenged. Write/talk concepts. Any concepts.


Via Art Bollocks (or Stupid Kunst) – by Charlotte Young from chichard41 on Vimeo.

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