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Sly discovering video, or “living” art at the High Museum of Art (gif by the author via @fficialslystallone/Instagram)

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta was recently visited by onscreen boxer, bottled water enthusiast, and aspiring abstract painter Sylvester Stallone, who documented his visit in a rocky shaky video selfie he shared on Instagram today. The post captures him in front of a video work by Borna Sammak, “Untitled” (2015), sharing an astute observation: “Living art, fantastic, huh? Nothing’s better than art.” (Stallone is in Atlanta shooting — rumor has it — the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.)

By Borna Sammak interesting right?

A video posted by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

While at the High he ‘grammed another selfie in front of Morris Louis’s “Para III” (1959) with the over-the-top caption, “Checking out the in Atlantia Georgia very inspiring much more to follow.” Coming from the man who’s spent the last 40 years remaking the same film, that promise seems like a sure bet.

Sylvester Stallone took this selfie in front of Morris Louis’s “Para III” (1959) during a recent visit to the High Museum in Atlanta. (via @officialslystallone/Instagram)

h/t Tedd Hamm

Correction: An earlier version of this article claimed that Sylvester Stallone took a video selfie in front of a work by Borna Sammak at the Independent art fair in New York City, when the video selfie was in fact shot at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. We apologize for this error, which has been corrected.

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      1. Because it was pure snark, without content. What exactly is the problem the author has with Stallone? Is it because he makes movies she doesn’t like, or is she just a pathetic snob?

        1. have to admit I am unfortunately not well-versed in Stallone filmography, so it must be the latter, alas!

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