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Meet Song Wig, a New Way to Plug into Wearable Tech

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And the prize for most stylish new wearable tech device goes to: Song Wig, which will make you look like a futuristic Baby Spice. It’s a wig made with earbud cords as strands of hair. When it’s hooked up to a music player via Bluetooth, people can pop in the earbuds at the tip of each strand to create anemone-like squads of silent dance parties.


Developed by Tokyo– and New York-based creative agency PARTY, who call it “a wig for one head and many ears,” Song Wig was first introduced as a prototype at the group’s Friendly Futures exhibition in Brooklyn last year, which explored ways to “make technology friendlier.” The designers have since developed three distinct styles, which make “sharing music more intimate,” per a video: the Pop Star, a hairpiece of yellow earbud cords done up in pigtails; the Reggae Guru, made with springy black cords approximating dreadlocks  (we’re going to avoid the cultural appropriation debate on this one, but …); and the Classical Maestro, white cords curled in the style of Mozart’s powdered wig. The creators promise it will “make it easy to listen to music” (since we all know how difficult that is when wig-less). Song Wig will debut at SXSW on March 11.

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“The Classical Maestro”
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“The Pop Star”
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“The Reggae Guru”
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Song Wig in action, by PARTY

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