Some LA street art photographed by the illustrious Lord Jim in May 2011 (via

This week’s Required Reading has a talk by Ji Lee, Anthony Weiner on the street, Samarqand pics, Lucien Freud’s subjects speak, the Museum of (in)Tolerance, Google image search changes, Matt Black’s Mexican photos and James Schamus on art in times of crisis.

Ji Lee, the creative director of Google Labs, spoke at Swissmiss’s Creative Mornings last March, here’s the video.

 Anthony Weiner street art (it was bound to happen)

If you want some eye candy, I suggest taking a look at the Samarqand place group on Flickr. Central Asian loveliness.

A documentary about British painter Lucien Freud as told by the sitters that have been immortalized by the famed portrait painter. The subjects include the late Duke of Devonshire and the now Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, fellow painters David Hockney and Celia Paul and friends such as Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles.

In the most ridiculous — and disturbing — case of hypocrisy you could imagine, the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem will be built on an ancient Muslim cemetery dating from the 12th C.

Google has upgraded its image search to include a time-based feature.

Over at Guernica, there’s a photo essay by Matt Black about a place in Mexico that the ancient Aztecs used to call “Place of the Cloud People.” (hat tip C-Monster)

 Also on Guernica, an essay by filmmaker James Schamus on the class he taught in the West Bank on the role of film and art in times of crisis.

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