After all the serious back-and-forth debate about social media-based art around here lately, we figured it would be nice to lighten things up a little. And since it’s also our mandate to help keep you informed on what’s going on in the art world, we thought this gallery of artwork (we use the term loosely) inspired by the artist-friendly Google+ might be just the ticket. Feel free to start debating whether .gifs showing Google+ kicking Facebook’s ass deserve a special category all to themselves! (

John d'Addario

John D’Addario is a veteran blogger (since 1996), adjunct professor of arts administration at the University of New Orleans, professional arts educator, photographer and man of the world. You can visit...

3 replies on “Microtrend Of The Week: Google+ Fan Art”

  1. I would flip twitter and facebook in that line.  Twitter has always been a flash in the pan.  Other than “stars” nobody I’ve ever talked to used or cared about it after a week or so.

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