Paddy Johnson wins the day!

Paddy’s web juice put her over the top. Which goes to prove, don’t fuck with an art fag.

After hundreds of votes and dozens of comments on the post, on Twitter & on Facebook, we are happy to announce that Paddy Johnson has been declared the official winner of the first ever Worst. Press. Release. Ever. competition. The press release for Olivier Zahm’s exhibition at New York’s Half Gallery is officially the worst press release.

The art blogosphere’s favorite art fag has crossed the finish line victorious with a whopping 72.3% of votes. Congratulations, Paddy! Today is your day in the sun and drinks are on us tonight!

We asked Paddy Johnson for comment on her victory and she replied, “I feel great. I think this is the art world taking a stand against Oliver Zahm.”

Lyra Kilston was unavailable for comment and did not return our calls.

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