Creative Exchange celebrates artists and their creative power to shape communities, reimagine what is possible and move social justice forward with a new collection of features and stories, Field Notes from Creative Exchange.

Dedicated to helping communities mobilize the creative force of artists to solve local challenges, Creative Exchange is a national hub for sharing proven ideas and success stories for building stronger neighborhoods and cities. Recognizing that many local governments, community organizations, educational institutions and arts groups lack the resources to develop innovative programs from scratch, Creative Exchange offers free toolkits, consultation, and networking to help artists and communities collaborate on replicating successful programs that creatively address economic, social, and cultural issues.

To celebrate two years of the platform, Creative Exchange has gathered 46 features into a collection, Field Notes from Creative Exchange. These stories highlight the impact and power of artists in shaping social change movements, reimagining what is possible in our economy and creating new narratives of community power, and are a snapshot and practical teaching resource around community-engaged art. You can buy a copy of Field Notes from Creative Exchange, or view it for free as a PDF.

In addition to celebrating artists from around the United States, Field Notes from Creative Exchange highlights the free, practical toolkits that are available on the platform. These toolkits include resources for artist-driven community engagement, healthcare coverage for artists, and the professional development toolkit Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists, based on a entrepreneurship workshops that have been taught to more than 5,000 artists at arts organizations, colleges, and libraries in over 80 communities since 2010.

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